Is Levitra Right for You?

With several different erectile dysfunction medications available, it is difficult to know which option is best for you. Levitra is a leading ED drug that effectively treats impotence in men. It continues to be a strong contender among the different ED treatments. But how do you know if it is right for you?
Who Should Not Take It
Men who have heart problems and take nitrates should not use this medication. Nitrates, such as nitroglycerin, in combination with an ED drug can cause your blood pressure to suddenly drop which can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Another type of nitrate can be found in poppers. Men who engage in recreational drug use should not take this ED medication.
Because this medication is only intended to treat erectile dysfunction, you should not take it if you have no ED symptoms. Using this drug when you do not have ED can cause extremely high blood pressure, chest paints, and fainting. Keep in mind that it will not actually enhance your sexual desire. So if you have a low libido, you should consult your doctor about other treatment options.
If you already take an ED medication, do not take Levitra as well. Men who currently are receiving another type of treatment for their erectile dysfunction should never take this drug without first talking to their doctor. Men told to refrain from any sexual activity, especially intercourse, should not take this medication because it can increase your risk for heart attack or stroke.
Who Should Take It
It is recommended that only men who plan to have sex within a few hours of taking the medication should use this ED drug. It begins to work within one hour and is effective for up to four hours. Men who want to regain their sexual confidence and have minimal health problems are ideal candidates for this drug.
Men who take alpha-blockers can still use this medication but their dosage may have to be reduced. As long as you are willing to provide a complete medical history to your doctor, including all medications you are taking, you can take levitra to treat your erectile dysfunction.
With the exception of heart problems, men who have other medical conditions can safely take this medication. The dosage of Levitra may be adjusted to reduce potential interaction with other medications or to minimize possible side effects.