Which Herbal Supplements Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

For many men, it will be very likely that at some stage in their life, more often as they age, that they experience some form of erectile dysfunction. Here we examine some ways to treat this condition without Viagra.

The causes of erectile dysfunction may be due to low libido and mood, or nerve damage as in the case of Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, stroke or other nerve disorders; psychological stress, depression, or tiredness; and diabetes can be another cause; cardiovascular problems can also cause erectile dysfunction.

If the cause of the erectile dysfunction can be traced to a physiological symptom such as nerve damage through disease or injury, or from diabetes, then it should be possible to obtain a free prescription of Viagra, otherwise Viagra can be quite expensive at about approximately £50-£60 ($80-$100) for just 2 pills.

The term erectile dysfunction can be broadly applied to the problem of getting or maintaining an erection. The inability to get an erection completely would be a more serious form of this condition, and the form most men are likely to experience are weaker erections that go limp quickly.

There is a surgical procedure available whereby a flexible or semi rigid rod or inflatable one is inserted into the penis shaft. This would probably be more used in the serious form.

As surgery such as this may not be an option to some men, some other techniques such as using a penis pump and cock ring can be quite effective.

By doing more aerobic exercise can alleviate some erectile dysfunction, as it can be caused by cardiovascular problems, so aerobic exercise will improve blood circulation.

Quitting smoking is also likely to improve erectile problems as smoking clogs the arteries and causes arterial narrowing restricting blood flow to the penis.

If you cannot obtain Viagra for free, or think its too expensive to get otherwise, some herbal supplements will be the next best solution.

The herbal supplements work by improving blood flow to the penis much in the same way as Viagra works, but with a herbal supplement it takes a bit longer to work than Viagra, because herbal supplements are not classified a drug like Viagra, so you don't need a prescription unlike Viagra.

As erectile dysfunction can be caused by poor circulation from cardiovascular problems and arterial narrowing from smoking, if it is caused by these symptoms and not nerve damage, then it should be easier to treat.

By doing aerobic exercise you can improve your heart health which will help with circulation. And by quitting smoking you can decrease arterial narrowing thereby allowing increased blood flow to the penis.

Other methods for promoting increased blood flow to the penis include eating high antioxidant foods, as antioxidants destroy free radicals which are toxins that damage arterial walls by causing arterial plaque to build up against artery walls means they can't expand as much which restricts blood flow.

Eating a lot of fruit can be helpful, because they have high antioxidant content, as well as dark green vegetables.

Some foods and herbs have natural vasodilating properties which causes artery walls to expand more, and this can improve blood flow to the penis.

The ingredients of most herbal supplements contain vasodilating herbs and ingredients so work by improving blood flow to the penis. Some natural herbs that can help with erectile dysfunction are horny goat weed; muira puama; yohimbe; and tongkat ali.

A supplement that bodybuilders use called l-arginine is taken to increase blood flow because l-arginine expands artery walls, so this too can help.

If the problem of erectile dysfunction is due to low libido and not enough stimulus or arousal to trigger an erection, then panax ginseng or maca might help, or the use of other aphrodisiacs.