Penis Enlargement Exercises Explained! Learn How You Can Enlarge Your Penis Size

Why are so many men, obsessed with their penis size? For a lot of people this does not make any sense and for a lot of women, penis size is not an issue. And that is true that penis size does not matter to women as much as men think. But penis size does affect a lot of women indirectly, because if it affects a man`s self-esteem and confidence in a negative way, then it also affects sex life and the relationship itself. So is penis enlargement exercise the only real solution to increase the confidence of men, who have smaller than average penis size?

The truth is that we are all human. All of our experiences and what people think of us, does affect us. A lot of guys have had negative experiences that have caused them to feel inadequate. There has been a lot of cases, where women have said nasty things about a man`s abilities in bed or penis size. The things that women say in such situations, may, or may not be true. But it does have an affect, which leads men to find ways to improve their abilities and size.

A lot of men are unsure, whether penis enlargement, is really possible with penile exercises and whether the effort you put in does really pay off. But there is actually plenty of evidence that penile exercises do work and the effort that you out in, really does pay off. The exercises and techniques that are used to make the penis bigger, stronger and thicker, have been successfully used by thousands of men.

Just like with muscle building exercises and routines, penile exercises and routines can also range from very simple basic exercises, to advanced and complex exercise routines. Some people have been saying that penis enlargement as such with exercises is not possible, because the penis has no muscle. But that is not true, the truth is that the penis consists of about 50% muscle. The muscle type is not the same as your chest or bicep muscle. The muscle type that is in the penis, is smooth muscle. For healthy and strong erections to occur, there has to be enough of smooth muscle. With specific exercises it is possible to increase smooth muscle and therefore improve erection.

Penile exercising either creates more muscle cells or makes existing muscle cells grow. It is hard to tell which one is true, but either way, penile exercises stimulate the penis to get bigger and stronger. And stretching type of exercises also help to elongate the connective tissue layers, which allows more growth. With specific exercises and routines you can either make your penis thicker, longer or both.

You can visit the main penis enlargement forums and read hundreds of success stories. Some have made 1-2 inch gains in a few months. And even smaller gains can be of great help. You can also make your penis bigger, stronger and more healthier. The opportunity is there for you to take. Many have taken this opportunity and have reaped the rewards and lots more have thought about it, but never taken it.

If you do decide to start doing exercises to enlarge your manhood, then you need to realise that it takes time to make these gains. Just like it takes time to build muscle mass or lose fat. To get best results you should certainly follow a program that works, so you do not make mistakes. Having patients is very important, as is being consistent and constantly learning about penile exercising. A lot of the times, guys make some gains in the first month or two, but then they stop making progress, because they try to create their own routines, which leads to nowhere. For the fastest and best results, I highly recommend, getting a proper program.