Want A Bigger Penis? Discover Ways To Increase Your Penis Size For Real (And Painlessly!)

It's never easy for a man to live his life knowing he is obviously lacking in size in the manhood department. No man wants to be caught "short" by the woman whom he has been waiting to be in bed with. I'm a man, and I know!

This is a problem so serious that many men either go all the way to get their male organ physically enlarged, even through surgery, or even avoid sleeping with women altogether out of insecurity over his own self.

The problem with having surgery to enlarge the penis is not just the amount of money you have to spend to get a doctor to do it for you. What hurts more than seeing at least $10,000 of your money gone from your bank account is the physical pain itself!

In penile enlargement surgery, the surgeons literally cut away segments of your male organ in order to allow it to drop lower to give an illusion of your penis being longer than it actually is.

Wow, just writing that single paragraph gives me a queasy feeling down in my pants!

Thankfully, if you do not let your desperation get the better of you, you would come to know that there are better ways of getting your penis size "fixed" to your liking.

There is no need to spend so much money on painful surgery just to add one or two inches to your manhood. The solution to your penis size worries may be as simple as doing something on your own from home.

Don't believe me? Let's explore the various ways of penis size enlargement that are known to work for real:

1) Exercises

This is one method that actually has been around for very long now, but has been largely ignored by many men. The act of doing exercises to the male organ is known to be effective in not only enhancing the health of the penis but also stimulate it into growing in size physically.

All you need to get started is to learn the correct methods of doing the exercises, follow a regular exercise plan, and begin doing the exercises on your own at home.

But don't expect to see any results in a short space of time; penis exercising takes quite some time to bring about results, and you may not even see any change in your manhood size in the first month of doing so.

2) Enlargement Pills

One of the easiest and most convenient ways of possibly making your penis grow bigger is by taking supplement pills that are meant for enhancing the size of your manhood. I mean, what can be easier than gulping a pill or two a day and wait for it to have a positive effect on your penis size?

The good thing about taking penis enlargement pills is that they often contain other sub-ingredients that are helpful in improving your overall sexual health and effectively your performance in the bedroom.

But again, as with penis exercises, pills take a considerably long time to give you results - maybe even longer than doing exercises to your manhood.

3) Extenders

My favorite method of enhancing the male organ size is by using a special invention called a penis extender. This device makes use of traction to slowly force the male organ to stretch until it naturally develops into a bigger size.

As with taking pills, using an extender device is also convenient. You only have to fix the device onto your male organ, and then let it do its work throughout the day. Normally, you can even go about doing your own work while the device slowly stretches your penis larger.

The only unattractive point about penis extenders is their cost. They may set you back by a few hundred dollars each, but with that investment, you can expect a much faster response and a quicker increase in size to your manhood!