Thinking of Doing Exercises to Increase Your Penis Size? Learn Essential Tips Before You Start!

A lot of guys, who get involved with penis enlargement exercises, are desperate. They have had some negative or embarrassing experiences, that they do not want to have again. It is very important to be enthusiastic, because then you get the best results. But there is also some problems that can occur, when you start off too fast and don`t pay enough attention to the details. Safety is the most important aspect and you need to pay enough attention on this. In this article I am going to give you some tips, because penile exercises can and have caused injuries.

It is very important to not continue doing some exercise, if you feel pain or discomfort. When you are doing jelqing exercises for example, then your grip needs to be strong enough to stretch the penis, but weak enough not to cause any pain. When you are just starting out, then use a weaker grip. When you do tighten the grip, then do it when your penis is in a comfortable position. And after every 1-2 weeks, try to tighten your grip by just a little, so your manhood gets used to it.

If you want to make sure that every workout is effective and avoid soreness and pain, then a proper warm up is a must. It is the most important step in penis enlargement and too many guys do not pay enough attention to it. When you are using a guide or program and you are told to warm up 10-15 minutes, then do it. The most common method of warming up, is by using a warm, wet cloth that you place around your penis. When you have finished your warm up and have done it properly, then your manhood feels a lot more flexible.

When you are a beginner, then do not start doing advanced exercises that you are not ready for. When you are a beginner, then use routines that are meant for beginners. There is no need for starting doing advanced routines, when you have only exercised for 1-2 months. Everyone should get great results with a beginners program for a while and if you are making gains, then why change anything?

It is also important to give your manhood some rest, if you are feeling discomfort or if your penis looks spotty. Discoloration is a sign that you have caused some small injury and need to take some time off. When you are not getting very strong erections, then it is also a sign of overtraining and you need some rest.

When you are doing your exercises, then focus on the exercises. Pay attention on how your penis reacts, how it feels, When you make changes, do the gains improve or go worse? Too many guys, simply do their exercises and do not pay enough attention to what they are doing. You constantly need to analyze what you are doing, what can you improve and change. If you are not doing these things you will never make any big gains.

These were just some very simple tips and by following them, you should be able to increase your penis size greatly. You do not have to and should not have to make up some strange exercises and routines. When you want to make steady progress and avoid injury, then get a proper exercise program and follow the instructions. Penile exercises are not complicated at all, but there are things you need to know. Just have patience, be consistent and slowly but surely the results will come. There is no reason, why you should not succeed if you do the things you need to do.