Premature Ejaculation Causes, Treatments and Cures

Many men get very upset with premature ejaculation. As a man you want to last longer but you just don't and you may not even know the cause. There are some cures and hopes for this men's issue. I say it is a man's issue but it does most certainly concern your partner. You want to be able to satisfy them in bed too! So, let's get started and discuss some of the causes, treatments and cures.

Let's first rule out if you are on medication at this time. Some medications do affect the male organ and that is usually just temporary, so for matter of clarity we are going to be discussing a regular premature ejaculation problem. We are first going to consider the mind. This is where the thought begins. So, never think about premature ejaculation in your mind.

If you do think about it and worry about ejaculating too soon then of course it is going to happen. This is where your performance anxiety occurs. You have already decided in your mind that this is going to happen quickly and so it does. Don't get stressed out about performance, because what you are doing creating a cycle of ejaculating too soon. You thought to yourself that you aren't going to last as long as you wanted to in bed and then that is exactly what occurs. Get it out of your thoughts. Replace the thought with positive thoughts instead. Think in your mind that you are going to last as long as you want too! It can happen.

If you want to work on lasting longer then try some meditation, and I hear yoga works too in helping premature ejaculation. You can practice whatever stress-relieving technique that you can possibly think of to help with the problem. I know that exercise helps with just about everything so try that too!

Do you really know how your body works? When you have a premature ejaculation then figure out what may have caused that to happen. Is it because you just got so darn excited to just be having sex? Did you decide that you better get in a hurry because your partner may give up before you do? There could be lots of reasons and you will have to figure out your own trigger points. Then you can begin correcting that area. You will have to eventually understand what these triggers are that are causing premature ejaculation. These are mental areas that will need to be addressed because physically most men already have the ability to manage their ejaculation concerns.